[Manyvids.com] Roxy Cox & Lenina Crowne - Perv Daddy Cucked By Wife & Daughter CEI

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Description: You accompany your wife Roxy Cox & daughter Lenina Crowne on a shopping trip to find your daughter a nice dress to wear to her graduation. Wife tells daughter to try on couple of dresses so they can decide on which one looks the best. As your daughter is getting changed, your wife catches you attempting to peek through the curtain. Wife scolds the husband for spying on his own daughter, telling him a lil pervs opinion does not matter but just know you'll be paying the bill. Daughter steps out and asks what's going on, she's disgusted to hear her her daddy has been spying on her. They both decide to call in the hunky shop assistant they walked past earlier, they need a real mans opinion and someone with good taste. Your wife asks the male assistant, "Tell us does my daughter look sexy in this dress, oh he does like it judging from that bulge in his pants". Now my daughter does need a date to accompany her to her graduation I think you'd be a perfect match. Daughter smiles at him and thinks she'd love to bring him along. Dad does not like the idea of this and wants to leave, but wife tells him to shut up and not to interupt her when she is speaking. Seeing as you like to watch so much, you can sit right there and watch your own wife & daughter enjoy this handsome stud & share his huge cock. Finally a real man to enjoy. I hope you don't mind dear my husband isn't anywhere close to your size I'd like to try your cock, daughter is amazed by his huge cock and they both eagerly start giving him handjob & blowjob while humiliating the cuck husband/dad. They both decide to torment him more, having him lay down on the floor as they look down at him, laughing at how pathetic he is. Wife despises him, telling how much of a useless hubby he is & how much of an embarassement you are to this family. They continue to suck on that big dick as they slag off the husband/dad and tell him to worship their big tits hanging out and to swallow all the spit like a good cucky. They eventually milk that huge cock & he cums in both their mouths letting all the cum drip down into your worthless mouth bitch, clean up the mess like a good cum eating cuck. They degrade him further labelling him a spit bucket, cum rag and from now on all he'll be doing is taste the cum of another man. They tell him to get up and take these dresses to the checkout and pay for them. Wife is going to take the other expensive dress & wear it to her beautiful daughters graduation she has made me so proud unlike you. Get your wallet out and make sure you tip this handsome chap for offering his extra services too he deserves it after all!